Kurdistan Energy and Politics Report

Carduchi provides a weekly briefing for the industry in Kurdistan Region. The report cover various aspect of Kurdistan region including; Politics, local events, economy, regional development and policy.  The service provides senior managers and staff on the ground with insight. The brief help managers make informed decision based on the information about the local community and most important current issues affecting the company operations. Our content is carefully selected and largely not covered by mainstream or English media.

Due Diligence

Carduchi provides relevant, privileged insight into the parties involved in your transaction. Our reports fill gaps in your knowledge and satisfy regulatory requirements. They enable you to adjust your position at the negotiating table to enhance returns and avoid bad decisions. .

Political Risk

Understanding and managing the political risks prevalent in Iraq which your organisation operates is a key component of continued success. Equally, exploiting business opportunities in challenging environments is easier when you are prepared for the risks involved. Carduchi has analysts are informed through a variety of sources, their own in-country contacts, regular trips, and desk-top research. To help mitigate the risks your organisation faces in Kurdistan Region, Carduchi has a number of solutions which can be tailored to the needs of your organisation.

Iran Energy and Politics Report

Iran Energy and Politics Report Provides Intelligence and insight on Iran’s energy sector. The report contains Local media reporting, Politics, Energy, Mining, Political Risk & Economic development. This particular report focuses on issues relevant to the oil and gas industry.

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